FITAL-start-of-the-week: Superfoods

Currently, barley grass, green tea and chia seeds are considered to be real miracles. They deliver a high amount of ferritin, calcium, minerals and vitamins and therefore are called Superfoods. Therefore, our Fital-Start-Of-The-Week-Recipe: Sweet potato soup with chia seeds  Prepare a Chia Seed Gel out of 20 g Chia Seeds steeped in [...]



On October 8th, the Dürr AG employees experienced special day focussing on health. The program contained various information, action and lectures. Our 14 people FITALMANAGEMENT team designed a great offer for the employees: light summer rolls and self-made powerball-pralinés complemented the cafeteria’s menu perfectly. Those who were hungry for activity fully enjoyed the FITALPARK tried [...]



Health day “Stress go away“ – Dürr AG, Bietigheim-Bissingen On 11/17 2016, we were at our second health day at the Dürr AG in Bietigheim-Bissingen! In cooperation with the work group health, FITALMANAGEMENT offers activities on nutrition, movement and relaxation. At our PowerPoint “FITAL“, the employees rolled power balls and created their own cereal [...]


FITAL News – January 2017

For our cooking events and workshops we have a lot of ideas - for example this delicious recipe! For those who never really knew what to cook with winter vegetables, this recipe will pep up their winter menus! Gratinated chicory 2 big chicories 400 g button mushrooms 2 potatoes from the previous day 1 onions 1 garlic clove [...]


FITAL News – February 2017

New in our offer - seminars and workshops on awareness and resilience. From now on, you can combine our offer with these two contents. The rapid tempo of our working world lets us face many challenges. The main question is how employees can deal with them. Awareness and resilience are two strategies that developed [...]


FITAL News – February 2017

Talking about stress and profound experience, these comparisons might help you understand the situation: „Solid as a rock“ is a long existent saying. Though, the people you could apply the saying on referring to their way of dealing with stress mostly are rather stiff and pent-up in their reaction. „Standing like bamboo in the [...]


FITAL News – March 2017

Even though our daily life once comprised mostly standing and walking, today we mostly sit on our way to work, at work and at home. Physical movement is mostly done in our free-time which leaves us few time to compensate our movement deficit. Furthermore, a lack of movement and to much sitting are morbid [...]

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