Even though our daily life once comprised mostly standing and walking, today we mostly sit on our way to work, at work and at home.


Physical movement is mostly done in our free-time which leaves us few time to compensate our movement deficit.

Furthermore, a lack of movement and to much sitting are morbid factors. But how can we counter a lack of movement if our daily life more and more involves sitting activities?

We have to bring movement back in our daily life.

With a small number of tricks, we can make it.

Ergotopia summed them up for you:

  • Change your sitting position more often
  • Take movement breaks
  • Design your work place dynamically
  • Drink sufficient amounts
  • Do your phone calls while walking or standing
  • Be creative, use different ways to walk or stand
  • Do standing or walking meetings
  • Do exercises against muscular tensions
  • Park your car a little further or get out of the train one station earlier
  • Keep standing in public transports
  • If it’s nice outside, take your bike to work
  • Take the steps instead of the lift
  • Motivate your co workers to movement pauses
  • Take desktop reminders to remind you of active pauses
  • Walk a bit after lunch break
  • Lift your legs while sitting, your toes while standing
  • Get a sports calendar