New in our offer – seminars and workshops on awareness and resilience. From now on, you can combine our offer with these two contents.

The rapid tempo of our working world lets us face many challenges. The main question is how employees can deal with them.

Awareness and resilience are two strategies that developed out of this question.

The stress reduction program of awareness by Kabat-Zinn also called MBSR (=mindfulness-based-stress-reduction), reminds us of the marvels of every day life that often are forgotten through stress and time pressure. In being aware of the here and now, one learns to concentrate on one thing without being distracted by its surrounding. This is how stress and tension can be reduced.

The resilience training addresses itself to the way different people deal with a crisis. Certain characteristics help to develop positively even in difficult situations. Optimism, self confidence, emotional stability, control of action, enjoyment in life and contact with others, realism and strength of analysis. In strengthening these qualities, one strengthens its resilience, as well.