Occupational Health Management means at best: Every entrepreneurial decision has to be taken regarding its possible consequences for the employees’ health – that’s what FITALMANAGEMENT calls sustainable OHP.

It’s more than the classic back school and veggie-line at the workplace. Top down, Occupational Health Management has to be lived by managers and employees in order to create a vital health culture.


You offer back school and veggie food? Congratulations, you’re on the right way! But Occupational Health Management needs a little more to become sustainable and successful.

Occupational Health Promotion

OHP is a part of OHM and consists of all measures that are taken in order to promote the employees’ health. Strengthening health resources and the feel-good atmosphere at the work place is what OHP is all about. You distinguish between prevention of behavior and prevention of relation.

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Occupational Health Management

OHM is more than a philosophy companies can act in accordance with. Professional structures and processes are created regarding the possible consequences on the employees’ wellbeing. Inter-divisionally, health is the company’s guiding principle.

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Practically, OHM and OHP are often equated. Nevertheless, a single health promotional measure can’t lead to sustainable success. First in introducing a systematic OHM at all levels, the sustainable improvement of the employee health can be implemented and the entrepreneurial success is possible.

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OHM through the ages

In a time of flexible and networking business, our health is put on a test. Above all, our psychological health suffers under these circumstances. Therefore, the cases of psychosocial diseases such as burnout have increased a lot during the last years (DAK, 2015). Furthermore, an alarming increase of chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, mostly of older patients, is determined.

Nevertheless, the population becomes older (demographic change) and works longer and this is why employers are facing new problems. The consequences are a higher absence rate and involved financial and performance loss. Besides skills shortage and globalization, the industry 4.0 requires all our attention.

Therefore, it is even more important to see that the employees’ health is the base of entrepreneurial success. It is the only way to maintain and strengthen efficiency and commitment of all employees.

Occupational Health Management is no future strategy – it starts today.

Use of OHM

You consider yourself as up-to-date? Today’s labor market requires a new way of thinking from entrepreneurs. Now it’s the employee who chooses his or her employer. Companies therefore are facing a higher rate of fluctuation. Aspects such as the compatibility of family and profession, life balance, activities of occupational health, the occupational sports offer or the so called soft factors such as healthy leadership, transparency, communication on eye level and many more are playing a major role talking about the choice of the work place, today.

Occupational Health Management is a major component in the so called “war of talents” in order to position yourself as attractive employer. There are a lot of advantages for you and your employees!

  • Enhancing the company’s image
  • Employer Branding
  • Employee relationship
  • Improving the competitiveness
  • ROI-Quotes from 1:2,5 to 4,85
  • Reducing the absence rate
  • Reducing presenteeism
  • Higher productivity through higher efficiency and commitment
  • Higher quality of working conditions
  • fiscal advantages
  • Promoting the employees’ health
  • Strengthening resources and diminishing risk factors
  • Reducing physical and psychological symptoms
  • Incentives for healthy life styles and health options
  • Promoting the employee’s satisfaction
  • Promoting a good employee-employer-relation
  • Fun and well-being at work
  • Increasing efficiency and commitment
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Our OHM offer

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Workshop / lecture: Systematic Occupational Health Management from A to Z

Nowadays, OHM is a company’s “must have” talking about future and sustainability. Compact and easy you get to deal with all the challenges the modern labor market includes and how you can deal with them in introducing a Systematic Occupational Health Management program. Practically and interactively, concrete and individual measures are presented aiming to help you to implement the concept in your company

Systematic OHM realization

We meet you right where you need our help. No matter if you have general questions about Occupational Health Management our need comprehensive support. We systematically accompany you in developing your own concept, evaluating, realizing and modifying your individual health management.

You have already heard of Occupational Health Management and you would like to tackle it systematically?

  • Strategy consultation
  • Developing guiding principles
  • Creating and presenting your steering committee
  • Company communication
  • Health days to kick off
  • State analysis
  • Manager instruction

You already offer single health promoting measures and would like to integrate them in a systematic OHM?

  • Evaluation of existing activities
  • Evaluation and derivation of useful measures
  • Complementing offers from our OHM-repertoire
  • Moderation of work groups or workshops

You already have implemented a systematic OHM and would like to get a neutral assessment in order to find your potential and deficiencies?

  • Modification of deep-rooted processes, structures and measures
  • Financial optimization
  • Innovation, trends and modern strategies
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You have any requests about OHM? We are pleased to help you out!

Frequently asked questions:

Up to 500 Euro per employee can be set off against tax liability if the purchased services are maintaining and improving the employee’s general state of health. Attention: The measures have to be in accordance with §20a und §20b SGB V.

Beyond this, health insurance funds can be used. Since 2016, health insurance companies are obligated to invest more in preventative services. Also, health insurance companies, BG approvals and accident insurance companies support health days with diverse offers. The German Pension Insurance offers two prevention programs, Betsi and Balance Plus. The program serves the earning capacity and directs its attention to employees with mild symptoms. Also, you should consider employee participation or an educational leave.

You need more information? Contact us by calling or by using the attached contact file. 

In 2015, the so-called prevention bill PrävG) came into force. The consequences are that the health insurance companies’ expenses on measures in accordance with §§20a to 20c SGB V increase from 3,09 Euro to 7 Euro per insured person per year. Thereof, at least 2 Euro has to be spend on measures from §§20a and 20b SGB V.

This means that about 240 Million Euro could be used by insured people and their employers for Occupational Health Management (OHM).

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Betsi and Balance Plus are prevention programs of the German Pension Insurance that aims maintaining the earning capacity of employees who have health impairments at work, who have a high absence rate or who generally are highly charged (work/family/social life). There must be no rehabilitation need though.

The German Pension Insurance finances employees a one-week stationary stay in a rehabilitation facility as well as ambulant training sessions throughout three months, located nearby, and a refreshing weekend.

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Referring to § 5, ArbSchG, every company is obligated to do risk assessment on physical and, since 2013, also on psychological charge at work. No definition has been set yet, that describes the exact procedure.

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