Christa Porten-Wollersheim, founder of FITALMANAGEMENT, has her origins in the Höchenschwand, in the Southern Black Forest. Coming from a family of hotel- and clinic managers, she combines high-quality service demand with medical and sports know-how.

Besides clinical and laboratory business experiences as well as experiences in working in a multifunctional sports facility, Christa Porten-Wollersheim completed her professional experience and education in finishing the Occupational Health Management studies at the renowned University of Bielefeld with Professor Doctor Bernhard Badura in 2010.

Therefore, FITALMANAGEMENT has a long-term expertise in implementing 

manager check-ups, health seminars and -trainings, health days as well as systematic introductions of OHMs. Since 2003, FITALMANAGEMENT is based in Freiburg. From here they run a team with a constantly growing network of experienced doctors, psychologists, coaches and trainers who regionally and supra-regionally implement all measures of OHM and OHPs for renowned companies.

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The history of FITALMANAGEMENT was always subject to changes or, the way we see it, chances. Innovative ideas, great trust and reliability helped us to master challenges together.

„The customer is king” and „there is no such thing as impossible“ – these phrases describe the reliability and flexibility that constitute FITALMANAGEMENT Therefore, all our customers, whether they are new or old ones, such as our cooperation partners trust in the highly motivated team. Yes – we do have fun!


Our FITALMANAGEMENT – Team consists of experienced doctors, psychologists, sports scientists, physiotherapists, coaches and trainers. We help you with commitment and pleasure!

Our supra-regional network enables us to create an individual offer for your company.

Network Partners

Our experienced network partners complement our diverse offer. From case to case, we involve them in your individual program.

The wellbeing of employees is an important priority for every company. Mental and physical illnesses cause high failure costs. Particularly small and medium- sized companies can be affected by illness failures of their employees. Therefore, it is very important for companies to prevent health hazards and accidents at work. In addition, appreciation and care in dealing with employees contribute to a corporate culture that ultimately benefits everyone.

I am at your disposal for all questions of occupational safety in your company.

rollholz – the power of nature for your health

With its high- quality massage and fitness products made of wood, rollholz offers a special alternative to conventional plastic mass products

My philosophy: “To convey the joy of movement in nature and thus to achieve an optimal physical well- being!”

Anke Faller is an exercise expert for endurance sports such as Nordic walking, running and cross-country skiing


You are a trainer or instructor and you are looking for a flexible, interesting additional work in a great team? We are looking for you!
In our sports offers we consistently need support of freelancers. Please contact us by mail or phone.

We are looking forward to your application!

You are studying Public Health, Organizational Health Management oder any related study program and you are looking for an interesting internship? FITALMANAGEMENT provides you an insight into Organizational Health Management from A to Z. Support us in our checkup-programs, health days, in our business support service and much more. Please contact us by mail or phone.

We are looking forward to your application!

What They Say About Us

FITALMANAGEMENT’s philosophy and approach of Occupational Health Management coincides very well with my topic of “Future responsibility and Health”.

Our previous cooperation, for example on health days, was a full success!

Patric Heizmann, entertainer and bestselling author

„Fit and Healthy – make it easy“ was our motto on the health day 2016 that we organised in cooperation with FITALMANAGEMENT. More than 200 employees enjoyed a great day with inspiring “active pauses” on their work places, with the FITALMANAGEMENT team and a great lecture of Patric Heizmann about the topic of health.

Miriam Böttcher, Manager Human Resources Projects, Valeo Schalter und Sensoren GmbH

Not enough movement, unhealthy food, too much stress – I more or less knew what I had to change in order to keep and protect my most precious good – health. Nevertheless, it is not that easy to sustainably change one’s own behavior in the stressed daily life.

„People for Process Automation“ is the Endress+Hauser Group’s claim. This is why our managers are allowed to participate in yearly health check-up since 2008. In 1,5 days, we concentrate on health being competently accompanied by the FITALMANAGEMENT team that offers this program several times during the year.

Our „Energy + Health program“ offers framework that integrally makes health a subject of discussion: The base is consisting of professional check-ups by specialists, professors in neurobiology and brain science hold workshops on stress management and resilience as well as on movement and healthy food. Last but not least, there is time in order to enjoy and to network within group hiking sessions, sports and cooking activities.

Kirsten Weiskat, HR Manager, Endress+Hauser Management AG

Since many years, we have a trustworthy and successful cooperation with FITALMANAGEMENT.

It started in 2004 with a manager check-up program that besides medical components consisted of diverse specialist lectures such as active, sporty actions that promoted capacity building.

Today, FITALMANAGEMENT is our personal advisor and reliable partner in the systematic creation of our group-wide OHM.

Furthermore, our company central’s yearly health days are planned with high commitment by the FITALMANAGEMENT team.

The special thing about FITALMANAGEMENT is its experienced doctor and trainer team, that covers all topics of Occupational Health Promotion and Management in an extraordinary professional way.

Besides the specialist expertise we highly appreciate the uncomplicated relationship of all people involved and that in doing activities together, the fun is also not missed out.

Klaus Achtelik, Leiter Corporate Human Resources, Dürr AG